A line that stretches forward into eternity

“Each of them has made their Profession of Faith, the faith handed on to them in their families, instilled in them and entrusted to them by their parents. That profession of faith has borne abundant fruit in the religious and priestly vocation of each of these men. And now that vocation takes on a permanent and irrevocable form, as it were, by their Solemn Profession as Friars Preachers, as sons of St. Dominic, in a line of Dominican men and women that stretches back 800 years, and a line that stretches forward into eternity, where our brothers and sisters in St. Dominic are gathered under the mantle of our Lady, as depicted here in the glorious mural behind me. This is the glory for which our brothers are yearning, the “finish line” towards which they are running.”

From the homily of Fr. Brian Mulcahy, O.P., the Provincial of the Province of St. Joseph, on the occasion of the Solemn Profession of seven friars at the Dominican House of Studies on November 13, 2010.