Apostolates & Other Outreach

Campus Ministry, Cultural Activities & More


Visit the Catholic Center at NYU: Icon of the New Evangelization (pictured at top).

Dominican Friars

Parochial Ministry

Dominican friars engage in the life of the local church by serving as pastors and parochial vicars at parishes throughout the country.


Dominicans teach and work as administrators at colleges and seminaries throughout the world.

Campus Ministry

Dominicans serve as campus ministers at a variety of universities in the United States.




Dominicans engage the culture through participation in media and the arts.

Magnificat Day, Memphis



Dominicans help cultivate the religious devotion of the faithful by engaging in spiritual apostolates, such as cultivating shrines and promoting confraternities.

Magnificat Day, Memphis



Dominicans help to plant the faith throughout the world, presently in Eastern Africa.