Assiduous Study of Sacred Truth

The Constitutions establish “the assiduous study of sacred truth” as a fundamental means for attaining the Order’s ends. St. Dominic wanted his friars to search for sacred truth chiefly in the Holy Scriptures. He “often admonished and exhorted the friars of the said Order by word and letter to study constantly in the Old and New Testament.” His Constitutions forbade the foundation of a priory without providing it with a professor as well as a prior. They incorporated an academic code for students, permitted the brethren “to read, write, pray, sleep, and also, those who wish, to stay up at night to study” in their cells, and instructed the master of novices to teach his charges “how they ought to be so intent on study that day and night, at home or on the road, they read or meditate something.”
William Aquinas Hinnebusch, O.P., Dominican Spirituality: Principles and Practice (Washington: The Thomist Press, 1965).