Dominican Friars in Washington

Dominican Friars at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. This photograph was probably taken ca. 1905.

Fr. Lawrence Francis Kearney, O.P., Prior Provincial (1897-1909), is pictured in the front row (3d from left). He was largely responsible for the decision to locate the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, adjacent to The Catholic University of America. Below is a New York Times notice published October 8, 1905 describing Fr. Kearney’s re-election as provincial of the Province of St. Joseph at the Provincial Chapter held at the Dominican House of Studies in 1905.

Fr. Augustine Di Noia, O.P., in a recent address given at the dedication of the new Dominican Theological Library, described Fr. Kearney’s sermon on the occasion of the solemn dedication of the chapel at the Dominican House of Studies on February 4, 1907.

“Kearney was finally able to give voice to his joy at the fulfillment of his cherished dream and his gratitude to the friends of the Dominican Order for their bountiful generosity whom he thanked when he said in conclusion: “…[T]his chapel today dedicated and this building raised to the honor and glory of God, is the monument of the poor whom we have served long, silently and faithfully” (Dominican Year Book 1908, 71). A festive dinner followed the Solemn Mass and, according to Father Meaney, “the refectory was well filled, everything white and clean, the snowy white habits of the Dominicans contrasting with the brown of the Franciscans and the black of the seculars and purple scattered through it all; and happiness shining in every countenance” (Meaney 1934, 245).”