The Dominican Friars & Preaching

The Core of Dominican Preaching & Life

The Mother of my Lord! Stained glass detail from the Dominican church of St. Mary in New Haven.
The Mother of my Lord! Stained glass detail from the Dominican church of St. Mary in New Haven.

The chief motivation for our common life is to live together harmoniously, seeking God with one mind and heart. Our life as Dominicans is ordered by regular observance, which includes the evangelical counsels, common life, the celebration of the liturgy, and private prayer, as well as assiduous study and apostolic ministry.

Our charism is unique in linking study and raising the heart and mind to God through prayer. Indeed, we view this study as a form of prayer; that is, an act whereby we join our hearts and minds to God.

We do not see the intellectual and pastoral dimensions as separate or opposed but as flowing from a common font, divine revelation, the eternal Word of God.

Pictured at top: Dies Pentecostes,
Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.

“Holy Spirit, Lord of Light,
From the clear celestial height
Thy pure beaming radiance give.”

–  opening verse of the great Sequence hymn for Pentecost, ‘Veni Sancte Spiritus’

dominican friars (70 of 23)The foundation of our common life is a bond of fraternal charity, shared by all.

Following the model of our Father Dominic as consoler of the sick and those in distress, we pledge to care for one another in community.

Our fraternal charity compels us to render special solicitude to those with whom we live who are suffering in any way—physically, psychologically, spiritually. In particular, we focus our work with the alienated, marginalized, and also those, who for reasons of health, must live apart from us.

Friars regularly participate in community outreach in a number of cultural, academic, and spiritual ways. With our focus on community, all are welcome.


Request a Dominican Preacher

Dominican Preachers can work with your community at any time; please contact Father Bill Garrott, O.P., or Fr. Jordan Turano, O.P. at any time for more information.

bill-garrot-opFr. Bill Garrott, O.P.

St. Thomas Rectory
98 Midmont Ln
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 422-2229

fr-jordan-turano-opFr. Jordan Turano, O.P.

St. Vincent Ferrer Priory
869 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10065

(212) 744-2080 ext. 21