Dominicans & Baseball

mens sana in corpore sano

Dominican Friars Baseball Team
Province of St. Joseph
River Forest, IL, 1933

Front Row, Left to Right:

Norbert “Honeyboy” Windell (LF)
Gerard “Tex” Joubert (Coach)
Philip “Matty” Hyland (3B)
Thomas Aquinas “Jim” Kane (C)
Cornelius “Dick” O’Connor (1B)
Donald “Black Jack” McMahon (SS)

Back Row, Left to Right:

Edward “Dan” Casey (1B)
Eugene “Red” Madden (RF)
Maurice “Speed” Conlon (CF)
Andrew “The Kid” Fleming (stats)
Paul Francis “Champ” Small (2B)
Robert “Bob” Barron (P)
Raphael “Bossy” Gillis (P)

Dominican Friars Baseball Team
Ocean City, MD, ca. 1925:

At Ocean City the summer residence for the student brothers from the Dominican House of Studies had been used as an orphanage or a ‘home’, which is why the Dominican baseball team was known to the locals as the “Home Boys.”

Thanks to the owner of the Boston Red Sox, discarded Red Sox uniforms were sent to the Dominicans. In the early 1920s discarded uniforms were also obtained from the Washington Senators.

Source: Fr. John Vidmar, O.P., Fr. Fenwick’s ‘Little American Province,’ a wonderful resource for the history of the first 200 years of the Province of St. Joseph.