Friars Preachers in Medieval Denmark

The Dominican convent in Roskilde, Denmark

From Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig Jakobsen, Slightly edited web-version of article in ‘Dominican History Newsletter’ vol. 14 (2005), pp. 257-278. Available in full here.

The first Dominican friars arrived in Roskilde in 1231, where a convent was founded in 1234. Our knowledge on this and several other early Dominican events in Denmark is based on a Roskilde Franciscan Petrus Olavi and his chronicle written in 1533-34. The official founder of the Roskilde convent is unknown, but quite a significant contribution to the financing was given by Johannes Ebbesen, the king’s marshal, who donated 40 marks silver to the building of a priory and a priory church, before he died on the crusade in 1232. According to our Franciscan chronicler, the church of the Friars Preachers in Roskilde was consecrated in 1254 and dedicated to St. Catherine.