Explore the groundbreaking work of dedicated physicians who practice NaPro (Natural Procreative), a proven method of fertility care that is consistent with the Church’s teachings.

“NaPro: A Quiet Revolution”

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NaPro seeks to heal the reproductive cycles of women suffering from infertility and other women’s health issues – not simply to mask problems by prescribing contraceptives.

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“The vitality and intelligence of the Dominican Friars are one of the most inspiring and welcome influences in the Church and society today. They remind us again and again that the only way we can influence the future is not to forget the unforgettable St. Thomas.”

– James V. Schall, S.J., Professor Emeritus of Government at Georgetown University

“I want to thank and praise the Dominicans for the most happy, healthy, holistic, and holy mindset I know. They seem to have inherited many pieces of the soul of St. Thomas Aquinas, who was large and commodious in every way.”

– Dr. Peter Kreeft, Boston College