Irish Dominicans in Rome (1924)

Irish Dominicans at San Clemente in Rome, 1924. Fr. Michael Browne, O.P. (1887-1971), seated center right, joined the Dominican Order in 1903, was ordained a priest in 1910, and later became Master of the Sacred Palace (1951-1955), the 81st Master of the Order  (1955-1962), the first Irish Master, and Cardinal (1962-1971). He is buried at the Dominican plot in Tallaght, Dublin. Images from Leonard E. Boyle, O.P., San Clemente Miscellany I, The Community of SS. Sisto e Clemente in Rome, 1677-1977 (Rome, 1977) 226, 242.
Irish Dominicans, San Clemente, Rome, 1878