Lectures in Dominican History Part 10

Lectures in Dominican history given in 1986 to Dominican friars of the Province of St. Joseph by Fr. John Frederick Hinnebusch, O.P. of the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C. Lecture 10 of 25. Audio, 62 min.

Lecture 10 begins with the final part of a discussion (begun in Lecture 9) on Dominican monastic practices and how a life of contemplation and silence helps shape Dominican teaching and preaching. Fr. Hinnebusch then concludes the discussion of the Dominican religious life, its ideals, its liturgical life, study, and preaching, and begins his treatment of the life of St. Dominic, with a focus on the founder’s theological studies in Palencia and in Osma, his argument with the innkeeper, and his desire to preach the Gospel in the “Danish marches.”
All 25 of Father Hinnebusch’s audio lectures are now available in full on this site (and on Blip.tv) and on iTunes.