Lectures in Dominican History Part 21

Lectures in Dominican history given in  1986 to Dominican friars of the Province of St. Joseph by Fr. John  Frederick Hinnebusch, O.P. of the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C. Lecture 21 of 25. Audio, 62 min.

In lecture 21 Fr. Hinnebusch speaks about the Dominican response to the Protestant Reformation, the Council of Trent, the Master of the Sacred Palace – the Pope’s theologian, Dominican saints of the 16th and 17th centuries, reform movements in the Dominican Order, the curia of the Master General, the role of the General Chapters of the Order of Preachers, Dominican presence in the Holy Land and in Greece, the Dominican Provinces in Eastern Europe, Dominicans and the study of Scripture and Theology, etc
All 25 of Father Hinnebusch’s audio lectures are now available in full on this site (and on Blip.tv) and on iTunes.