Louis-Jacques Bataillon, O.P.

Father Louis-Jacques Bataillon, O.P., of the Province of France, died today in Paris at the age of 94. A member of the Leonine Commission, he was a great specialist in medieval sermons, focusing in particular on the preaching of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon him.

A reviewer of one of his books describes his work: “Regular readers of Bataillon’s highly respected Bulletin d’Histoire des doctrines médiévales, which has appeared annually in the Revue des Sciences philosophiques et théologiques since 1959, will be very pleased by this publication of a series of his articles on thirteenth-century preaching in France and in Italy. At one time a member of the “École du Saulchoir,” the theological research center of French Dominicans made famous by the publications of Congar and Chenu, Bataillon subsequently joined another brilliant team of scholars, the Leonine commission, whose task it is to produce a critical edition of the writings of Thomas Aquinas. The recent publications of this edition have been hailed as among the best ever produced by medieval specialists. Aside from being one of the main photographers and collectors of microfilms for this edition, Bataillon—who likely has seen and read more manuscripts than any medieval scholar—is chiefly responsible for the editing of Aquinas’s sermons. Expert in paleography and philology, his vast acquaintance with medieval sermons—there are some ten thousand extant—has gained him the accolade of dean of this rapidly burgeoning and, until recently, neglected field of studies.” (Paul Lachance, O.F.M. in Church History)

Some publications by Fr. Bataillon:

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Video: intervention de L. J. Bataillon autour de l’exemplum biblique (source: Pecia)

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