Our Lady of Jaworzyna, Queen of the Tatra

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Jaworzyna, Queen of the Tatra, at Wiktorówki near the clearing of Rusinowa Polana, in the Polish High Tatra Mountains.

In 1861 Our Lady appeared to Marysia Murzanska from behind spruce branches near the spring at Wiktorówki, high in the Tatra mountains (1150 m above sea level). The figure of Our Lady showed the desperate girl where she could find her lost herd. Word about the unusual event spread quickly. Wiktorówki became a place where people started to gather to ask graces. In 1958 the Dominican Friars were given charge of the mountain chapel.

At any time of the year you can meet here the Black Friars, the Dominicans, who have served in this sanctuary for many years. You can come here for a cup of tea and a talk. The chapel is always open; here the Mother, the Queen of the Tatra keeps a constant vigil, receiving all Her children, fatigued by the long walk. She restores peace of heart in those who come, opens their eyes and ears, and leads them towards God.

The Holy Mass is said each day, sometimes the sacrament of baptism and the sacrament of marriage is administered. Many find their peace and conversion in the sacrament of confession. Sometimes expeditions to the Alps and to the Himalaya are planned by candlelight in the kitchen. Mountaineers, rescuers, foresters and simply friends of Wiktorówki share their impressions with others, supporting them with good advice and smile. Children twitter and sing songs. It’s quite ordinary and beautiful pastoral work

Male Ciche 47, 34-531 Murzasichle
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