The Dominicans in Jaroslaw

The beautiful Church and Marian shrine in Jaroslaw, in the southeastern corner of Poland, dates back to the 14th century. The shrine was served by diocesan clergy and the Society of Jesus until the suppression of the Jesuits in the late 18th century. The shrine was entrusted to the care of the Polish Dominicans in 1777, and they continue to minister there today. The artwork in the shrine reveals features of both Jesuit and Dominican iconography.

From the excellent site on the philately of the Dominican Order:

On 20.08.1381 shepherds found in the field, between the branches of a pear tree. a statue of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Sorrows, with her Child. Very soon the people built a little chapel. In the first half of the 15th century the chapel was replaced by a church, which Anna Kostka Ostrogska gave to the Jesuits in 1629. On the same place a new church was built, consecrated by  Konstanty Dubrawski, suffragan bishop of Przemysl. On 08.09.1755 the bishop of Przemysl, Hieronym Sieralowski, crowned the Madonna and the Child. When the Jesuits had to leave their convent in 1733, the Dominicans from Bochina took the pastoral care for the church on 13.06.1777. In this church the Dominican Michal Czartoryski was ordained a priest on 24.12.1931. He was beatified by John Paul II on 11.06.2005. See postcard Poland 142/2005. On 28.09.1939 the German Gestapo confiscated priory and church and the Dominicans were interned in Sieniawa. At the end of de war they returned to the priory and church to serve the people. John Paul II had raised the church to basilica minor in 1966. On 15.08.2005 the community celebrated the 250th year of the coronation of the Virgin Mary of Jaroslaw. Source: Letter of Bogdan Michalak, 10.12.2005.

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