The Rosary Priest of Ireland

Father Gabriel Harty, O.P., a  Dominican known as the Rosary Priest, is shown in this archival photo from the University of Dayton blessing a rosary.

The inscription on the back of the photograph reads: “A worker holds up his beads to be blessed by the director, Father Gabriel Harty, O.P. The Rosary Crusade has no badge or emblem, it needs none, for the beads are the common heritage of all. Photo: Charles C. Fennell.” From the University of Dayton’s Marian Library Flickr photostream.

Fr. Gabriel Harty, O.P., was born in 1921 and ordained as a secular priest for the Archdiocese of Dublin, joining the Dominican Order after four years. He was commissioned by the Order to be its official Promoter of the Rosary, a task that has brought him to every corner of Ireland and to many parts of Great Britain.

Video excerpt of Fr. Gabriel Harty, O.P., speaking about the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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