You’re a brave Marine

Fr. Redmond, O.P., blesses Marines, New Georgia Island, Solomon Islands

U.S. Marine Raider Nick Zobenica on Fr. Paul Redmond, O.P., Dominican chaplain:

“There was a Catholic priest by the name of Father Paul Redmond. He crawled up to me and he said a prayer. Every day I think, “How did he ever survive getting up to me?” You should have seen the way the guys were dropping. And he came right to me and he was saying that prayer to me and he says, “You’re a brave Marine. God will take care of you. Your wounds will be healed.” And then he took off. And that’s when this one guy pulled me by the ankles and down that hill that Dunbar carried me back.”

Currently one member of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph is serving as a chaplain in Iraq: Navy Lt. Edward Gorman, O.P., Catholic chaplain for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward).