Bro. Jeremiah Tobin, O.P.

Br. Jeremiah Tobin was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. From a loving and faithful family, he attended St. Mary Church in Greenwich and was educated in Catholic schools growing up. After high school, he attended Providence College in Rhode Island, graduating in 2020 with degrees (B.A.) in classics and history. It was while at Providence that Br. Jeremiah encountered Dominican friars in varied ways: as a student in the classroom, as a congregant before the pulpit, and as a porter for the Dominican priory on campus. “It was especially as an eyewitness to the lives of the older friars–their example of many years dedicated to preaching God’s Word in every aspect of their being, their charity toward one another, and their patience in suffering–that I was inspired to enter the Order as a son of St. Dominic. In gratitude to God for these men and their impact on my life, I am appreciative of and inspired by St. Paul’s pressing query, ‘And how can they hear without someone to preach?’”

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