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PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: Death With Dignity

POTTER: Almost all religious groups oppose aid in dying. The Catholic Church is particularly outspoken. REV. THOMAS PETRI (Academic Dean, Dominican House of Studies): The church’s viewpoint on assisted suicide and euthanasia is that it’s never permissible to take a life, an innocent life, for the sake of alleviating suffering; that essentially you are killing

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PBS visits the Dominican House of Studies in Washington on the eve of All Saint’s Day.

BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: This week, the eve of All Saint’s Day, All Hallow’s Eve (October 31), also known as Halloween, as it was celebrated at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington. Each year the friars there choose four saints to honor out of the roughly 10,000 Catholics venerate, and the Dominicans’ vigil has become

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