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Last year saw some of the most brazen attacks on the rights of pre-born human beings that our country has known. As a new decade dawns, Hollywood elites assert that a woman’s career is worth the sacrifice of her unborn child. A pro-choice U.S. Senator even shouted threats at Supreme Court justices as they deliberated an important case. Yet the overreach of pro-abortion activists exposes their deception. Reasonable men and women increasingly see the “pro-choice” movement for what it is: an assault on innocent human life; and for the first time in history a sitting President attended the March for Life.

With your help, the Dominican Friars are preaching the inviolable sanctity of human life at all stages of development on college campuses, in parishes, and in the public square. We’re also bringing the mercy of God to women in crisis pregnancies and men, women, and families scarred by abortion.

If you’ve already given, THANK YOU for helping us meet our recent goal! If you would like to contribute to this important cause, please use the secure form below.  Your contribution will help build a culture of life.

Here’s what some of our friars have to say about this important issue:

“Without standing up for this fundamental right to life, it makes no sense to stand up for any other right.”

-Fr. Michael Weibley, O.P.

“In the end the right to life is not a political right. It’s a natural right. It’s pre-political.”

-Fr. Albert Trudel, O.P.

“The motto of the Dominican Order is veritas. We provide a specific witness to truth amidst the uncertainties and confusions of modern day life, where something as basic and as fundamental as the right to life is taken away from so many.”

-Bro. Juan Macias Marquez, O.P.

“It’s a hardness of the heart to look at an ultrasound and see nothing. Only God’s grace can soften that. Grace is how we win.”

-Bro. Titus Sanchez, O.P.

“Part of our mission, especially in the 21st century when abortion is so prevalent, is to pray for the exorcism of this demon from our country.”

-Bro. Charles Rooney, O.P.

“The pro-life vocation is first of all a contemplative vocation. It’s a matter of being in living touch with the Lord so that he can shape us into people suited for whatever work lies at hand.”

-Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.

Please be as generous as you can, and thank you for ensuring the Gospel of life is preached to future generations!

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