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These 20 young men-proudly sporting jerseys gifted them by the Providence College athletic department-are part of a growing contingent of over 60 brothers preparing for the priesthood.

“We’re fortunate enough to have a Catholic school where they say a lot of prayers,” said Providence College coach Nate Leaman. He was referring to the miraculous goal Tom Parisi made against the six-foot-five goalie, which tied up the game with a shot that seemed as improbable as Providence’s road to the Frozen Four.

It was hockey’s version of the Hail Mary pass, which led the Friars to ultimately defeat Boston University at the Garden, winning their first ever NCAA Division I Men’s hockey championship title.

Leaman pointed towards the Friars secret weapon when he recommended Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” to understand how the team developed their winning strategy.

David ran quickly to meet Goliath because he had confidence in his weapon, his skills, and in the Lord. The Friars are also trained in the use of their faith and reason. They train, study, and even pray hard. By wielding this sling, we are given the courage to face off against any opponent.

Once these men are ordained, their mission will include going back to college campuses like their alma maters to reach out to many college students who are not practicing their faith and are in danger of skating on thin ice.

Saint Vincent Ferrer once had a vision of Friars destined to fight giant enemies of the Church with the Rosary in one hand and rebuild civilization with the trowel of reason in the other. This is taking place in our own nation right now!

Thank you for being patrons of the art of preaching! These 20 young men—proudly sporting jerseys gifted to them by the Providence College athletic department—are part of a growing contingent of over 60 brothers preparing for the priesthood. It is because of you that they are being formed in wisdom as they seek to win over souls on today’s cultural battlefield.

Father Gabriel Gillen, O.P.
Executive Director
Dominican Foundation

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