Contemplata: A Podcast for Contemplative Souls

Contemplata: A Podcast for Contemplative Souls

The purpose of our lives is to come to know God, yet on account of sin the eyes of our hearts have grown blind to the presence of God. Just as Jesus healed the blind men in the Gospels, so God is now at work to heal the eyes of our hearts by the light of his grace. Contemplata is a podcast for those seeking to grow in contemplative prayer – the loving awareness of the presence of God.

The purpose of this podcast is to announce the universal call to contemplative prayer. It also provides solid food for personal meditation and practical instruction in the spiritual life. Contemplative souls are hungry to hear the divinely revealed mysteries all over again, but on a level deeper than catechesis or ordinary homilies. They desire to learn from God in a manner suitable for growing in contemplative prayer. Contemplata is a unique podcast because it serves both purposes. It proclaims the mysteries of faith as well as the practicals of the spiritual life in order to nourish contemplative souls.

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Father James Dominic Brent, O.P. is a Dominican friar of the Province of St. Joseph. Born and raised in Michigan, he completed his doctorate in Philosophy from St. Louis University and licentiate in Theology from the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC where he now teaches. He frequently lectures for the Thomistic Institute and Aquinas 101. Fr. Brent’s new podcast Contemplata is born from years of traveling the world lecturing, preaching retreats, and meeting increasingly more people who hunger to know God more deeply in contemplative prayer. He is the author of The Father’s House: Discovering Our Home in the Trinity.

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