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What if Jesus were to win? What if Pilate were to be convinced, wash his hands of the crowd, and release Christ to complete his kingly mission? Even with the Resurrection a week away, I find the prospect tempting. Two thousand years later, John’s Gospel has us on the edge of our seats. Just 20 minutes ago, we were standing in the crowd, crying Hosanna. Surely we will not crucify our king.

Doss remained on the battlefield through the night, surrounded by Japanese troops, stealthily saving any wounded man he could find. Every second he spent on the Ridge was mortal danger. And there, on the battlefield, was a simple prayer: “Lord, Please Help Me Get One More”

March 21, 2024 [embedded content] Fr. Bonaventure: This is Father Bonaventure Chapman.  Fr. Joseph-Anthony: This is Father Joseph-Anthony Kress.  Fr. Bonaventure: Welcome to Godsplaining. Thanks to all those who support us. If you enjoy the show, please consider making a monthly donation on Patreon. Be sure to like, subscribe to Godsplaining wherever you listen to Read more…

Editor’s Note: The following are excerpts taken from and article in Dominicana vol. 1, no. 5, published at the House of Studies in March of 1917. Written by James Dalmatius Enright, O.P. (1895–1970), the article is, by our accounts, the first full-length piece in Dominicana to treat Saint Joseph. Today, on the Solemnity of the […]

It is approaching, whether or not you’re ready. There is no hiding from it. The weeks have rolled on with gathering speed. The statues and images now sit under veils of violet, and all seems quieter in expectation. Next week is Holy Week. The student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph are praying for […]

Guestsplaining: Monsignor Shea on Religion in a Post-Christian World | Fr. Patrick Briscoe – Godsplaining Podcast March 18, 2024 [embedded content] Godsplaining is a production of the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph © 2024. All rights reserved.

Few people want to be described as “narrow-minded.” Narrow-minded people, neglecting key information, can miss the bigger picture and make rash judgments. “Narrow-mindedness”, however, shouldn’t be confused for “single-mindedness.” A “single-minded” person is admired for his focus and determination; it’s a trait that never fails to captivate. A young child determinedly constructing his block tower […]

March 14, 2024 [embedded content] Fr. Patrick: This is Fr. Patrick Briscoe Fr. Jacob-Bertrand: And this is Fr. Jacob-Bertrand Janczyk.  Fr. Patrick: Welcome to Godsplaining. Thanks to all who support us. If you enjoy our podcast, please consider making a monthly donation to us on Patreon. Be sure to like and subscribe to Godsplaining wherever Read more…

It is evident that the human soul is moved in various ways according to various melodies of sound . . . Hence the use of music in the divine praises is a salutary institution, that the souls of the faint-hearted may be the more incited to devotion. (St. Thomas Aquinas ST IIa-IIae q. 91, a. […]

Saint Thomas is never far. In our age, his wisdom can help us ponder where we least expect it. On stage, on a magazine cover, or even on the big screen. It will always be where we need it most. This post is one of a series of essays broadly named, “Thomism and Pop Culture.” […]

Many Christians dream of becoming a martyr. The word martyr comes from a Greek word meaning “to witness.” There is something quite attractive about offering one’s life as a witness to Jesus Christ through the shedding of blood.

10 Virtues for Catholic Leaders | Fr. Gregory Pine & Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress – Godsplaining Podcast March 7, 2024 [embedded content] Godsplaining is a production of the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph © 2024. All rights reserved.

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