Deserving Poor Boys’ Purgatorian Society

This Death of Saint Joseph relief adorns the chapel of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC.

“It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.” 

2 Maccabees 12:46

“Bury my body wherever you will; let not care of it cause you any concern. One thing only I ask you, that you remember me at the altar of the Lord wherever you may be.”

St. Monica to her son, St. Augustine

Respect for the dead has ever been taught by Mother Church and she has never failed to offer Masses and prayers for the faithful departed. She has ever taught her children that it is a sacred duty to pray for their deceased loved ones and all the Holy Souls. The Mass is the most beneficial means to bring eternal peace, light, and refreshment to the members of the Church Suffering.

“The Holy Souls then are the souls of those who have died in a state of God’s grace and friendship. They are assured of eternal salvation but after death because they are imperfect they need to undergo a period of purification that will allow them to gain the holiness needed to enter the joy of heaven (CCC 1030).”



For over 100 years, the Dominican Friars have remembered souls enrolled in the Deserving Poor Boys’ Purgatorian Society in their Masses and prayers. Donations made in the names of the faithful departed help prepare young men for Dominican religious life.

The Dominican Friars offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily for souls enrolled in the Deserving Poor Boys’ Purgatorian Society.

Donate to the Deserving Poor Boys Purgatorian Society by using the secure form below. You may enter the name of your deceased loved one in the donation form field marked “Name of Person to be Enrolled.”

To request more information, contact our Office of Planned Giving, at or by calling 212-744-2410.

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