Donor Profile | Vince Ventimiglia

Donor Profile | Vince Ventimiglia

By Br. Martin Davis, O.P.

Colorado native Vince Ventimiglia serves as President of the healthcare consulting firm Leavitt Partners Collaborative Advocates. He is a graduate of Yale and the Georgetown University Law Center and spent 20 years working for the US Senate, federal courts, and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Vince and his wife raised their five children in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

How did the Dominicans play a role in your return to the faith?

I was baptized Catholic but never practiced, much to the dismay of my grandmother. In my freshman year at Yale, something moved me to go to Saint Mary’s Church every day during Lent. On one of the first days that I was there, Fr. John McGuire, O.P., said, “Why are you at the back of the church?” I don’t even know that I answered him, but he said “I want you sitting up front in the future, and, if you wouldn’t mind lectoring, please do.”

In the course of a short time I was actively considering priesthood. It later evolved into helping Fr. McGuire set up a Young Dominicans group. Eventually, I moved away from pursuing the priesthood and a girl in the Young Dominicans became my girlfriend. We later moved to DC and got married.

What do you appreciate most about the ministry of the Dominicans?

I love the dedication to well informed preaching, particularly on college campuses. From my own experience, and then raising my kids, I see the value in that. I love seeing you guys at the March for Life! We had a very active Pro-Life group through the Young Dominicans on the Yale campus, and that stuck with me. Finally, I love the Hillbilly Thomists; the musical mode of evangelization is underappreciated.

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