John Guldan: Planning a Legacy of Dominican Vocations

John Guldan with his mother, Ruth, and their dog, Holly.

John Guldan is a retired schoolteacher with degrees in history and theology. He has been a faithful supporter of the Dominican Friars since 2007 and is a member of the St. Dominic Legacy Society. We would like to thank Mr. Guldan—and all our donors—for helping us form priests and brothers capable of bringing the charism of St. Dominic and the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas to the Church and the world today.

I was looking for a religious order to support, in a modest way, with small donations. I’m a retired Catholic high school teacher, so I’m not that well-to-do, but I wanted to be part of a Catholic effort that was really going places. That’s when I came across the Dominican Friars through an article in the National Catholic Register about how vocations were coming straight in through the front door in the Province of St. Joseph.

I did some research and was impressed that the Dominicans have always been one order without any divisions (I guess that’s the historian in me), by their solid Marian piety, and by their balance of action and contemplation. I began donating and included the Dominican Friars Foundation in my will, becoming a St. Dominic Legacy Society member.

I’m grateful that God has given me such a strong connection to the Friars. I can’t tell you what a privilege it is. When things in my life go haywire, I always remind myself, ‘John, the Friars are praying for you, for Mom, and for your situation right now at the Dominican House of Studies and throughout the Province!’

You can’t go wrong in supporting the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph: They keep you informed, they are specific about where your donation is going, and you will always receive a thank you. Most importantly, you will be supporting young men who are giving their lives to Christ and His Church.


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