St. Catherine of Alexandria

Our Lady Blessing the Sleeping Friars

Photo and description by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.- Our Lady Blessing the Sleeping Friars

One night St Dominic came upon a heavenly trio as he made his way through the dormitory of the brethren. Three radiant women came toward him as the one in the center made the sign of the cross with an asperges brush dipped in holy water, blessing the cells of the sleeping friars. The astonished St Dominic knelt at their feet, looked toward the most beautiful woman in the middle and asked her who she was. The Blessed Mother replied, “I am she whom you invoke every evening, and when you say, ‘eia ergo advocata nostra,’ I prostrate before my Son for the preservation of this Order.”

When St Dominic inquired about the other holy women with her, she identified them as St Cecilia and St Catherine of Alexandria.

Today, 25 November, is the feast of St Catherine of Alexandria.

This window is in the Dominican House of Studies chapel in Washington DC.

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