Order of Preachers

“Holy Mother Church Asks You to Ordain These Men”

Saint Thomas Aquinas says that the sacrament of Holy Orders is necessary for the Church, for otherwise the people would collapse. The Ordination Mass demonstrates that the Church is strong!

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Engulfed in Fire and Blood

Saint Catherine wrote thirty-seven of these fiery exhortations to Dominican friars. In them, she invites and implores her brethren to discover, to be immersed in, and to preach the transforming power of Christ’s Passion.

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Are You a Eucharistic Soul?

One particular grace that God gives to souls is a special love for the Eucharist. This special love goes beyond the ordinary love for the Blessed Sacrament to which God calls every Christian.

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Praying and Living the Easter Octave

By baptizing people at the Easter Vigil, the Church is reminding us that, because of our own baptism, we participate in the same divine life that raised Jesus from the dead and that spiritually restores us after the death of sin.

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Pointing to the Reality at Hand

For St. Thomas, the Eucharist was real, even the realest thing that could be had in this life. He lived his entire life in humble service of the Eucharistic mystery.

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Truth Culture

Over 60 young adults from across the country came to Malvern, PA, to spend a weekend on retreat with the Godsplaining friars this past November.

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Celebrating 100 Years

St. Gertrude Parish has been a beacon in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for decades. Last November, the parish celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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Masters of Sacred Theology

Fr. Basil Cole, O.P., and Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P., were both awarded the title of Master of Sacred Theology by Fr. Gerard Timoner, O.P., Master of the Order.

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Path to Heaven

By the profession of obedience we bind ourselves to live the evangelical counsels, renouncing certain things of undoubted value without detriment to true human development.

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Letter from the Executive Director

We praise God for the gift of life and his gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ!

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One Small Step

Since 1974, thousands have marched in Washington, D.C., through the bitter cold. In post-Roe America, that work continues and we still march. While the Dobbs decision has had major effects on America, it was only one small step forward.

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With the Lord Is Mercy and Plenteous Redemption

If you could choose only one psalm to pray for the rest of Lent, you wouldn’t go wrong choosing Psalm 130.

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