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From its foundation in AD 1216, the Order of Preachers responded to an existential threat to the Church and the culture amidst chaotic circumstances. St. Dominic, known as “the Light of the Church,” rose to the challenge when a dangerous heresy, Albigensianism, threatened Europe’s Christian concept of the sanctity of ordinary human life.

The first Dominican friars were rooted in faith in God’s Providence and willing to improvise in new and dynamic ways. They spread the Gospel by uniting faith and reason, boldly taking the fight to the brand new intellectual centers of Europe, the universities.

Today, with over 50 men in formation, the Dominican Province of St. Joseph is the fastest growing men’s religious community in the country. These men were educated at top institutions of higher learning and many have left promising careers in finance, law, medicine, and the sciences to answer God’s call to preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls.


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I invite you to join us in our mission to save souls. The most important way you can do this is by uniting your prayers (especially the Holy Rosary) to ours by praying for the success of our preaching to reach hearts and minds.

Another way you can become involved is by reading how the friars are engaging the culture:

Video: Ministering to the dying in New York during Covid-19

Friars Serving In Healthcare Quarantine to Protect Vulnerable Flock

Faith, Reason, and Baseball: An Interview with Fr. Humbert Kilanowski, O.P.

Hope after Abortion: an Interview with Fr. James Brent, O.P.

The Dominican Friars and Civil Engagement

Preaching God’s Unchanging Love on Campus

You can also visit our video library to watch a series of short videos on the life and ministry of the Dominican Friars.

Finally, we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our mission to renew the Church and the culture by making a donation using the secure form below.

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