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Click the play button above for a message from the Dominican Friars on the importance of bearing witness to God’s gift of life.

Help the Dominican Friars fight the battle for Life!

Now through May 31, your gift to support Pro-Life preaching will be matched dollar for dollar – up to $250,000 – by a group of anonymous benefactors!

Due to their urgent desire that all Catholics, especially those in public office, accept the Church’s teaching on the dignity of human life, our generous benefactors have pledged to match all gifts dollar for dollar.

You’re here because you know that abortion is a grave moral evil. Not only is this the clear teaching of the Catholic Church, it’s part of the natural law written on the hearts of all people. What could be clearer than the need to protect innocent human life, which science tells us is present in the womb from the moment of conception?

Yet, from the highest public office in our land, confusion and equivocation are spread.

There is a need for an army of preachers to bring clarity on the issue of abortion, not just in the pews, but anywhere men and women of good will are willing to listen.

With your help, the Dominican Friars are preaching the inviolable sanctity of human life at all stages of development in these key battlegrounds:

College Campuses. College is a time when people are most open to adjusting their views in the light of reason. The Dominican Friars have a growing presence on over 50 campuses as chaplains, professors, itinerant preachers, and visiting lecturers.

Hospitals. Dominican Friars in healthcare ministry not only minister to patients and counsel families facing difficult decisions, they facilitate Pro-Life ethics training for medical professionals.

Crisis pregnancy and counseling centers. The friars stand by women vulnerable to abortion and mothers in crisis pregnancies, as well as providing healing to women and men wounded by the sin of abortion.

The public square. Through speaking tours, digital media, and appearances on Catholic and secular news programs, the friars clarify Church teaching and present reasoned arguments for the legal protection of the unborn.

Your gift is essential to continuing these ministries during this crucial time. Please be as generous as you can so that we can take full advantage of this opportunity to raise $500,000 for pro-life preaching. Thank you for ensuring that the Gospel of life is preached to future generations!

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