First Things: Saints Marching in the Streets

PGFSaints Marching in the Streets
By Br. Jordan Zajac, O.P.


It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration.

Their numbers swelled to fifty thousand by the time they took to the streets. The large assembly drew the ire of supporters of the opposing party, who shouted and antagonized them. Fights broke out. As police intervened, one tall, athletic young man entered the fray, not to brawl but to help a feeble friend get out of the chaos.

A makeshift police barrier failed to deter the demonstrators, who marched on. Another barrier was established, this time with military officers. More violence ensued, but a few managed to slip through. Finally, this small band was beset by further violence. The signs they carried were confiscated. Defiant, the young man—that tall, athletic one from before—seized a trampled banner and raised it high. He was thrown to the sidewalk and taken into custody, along with his friends.


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