The Translation of Saint Dominic

Translation of the Relic of St Dominic
Left, a relic of St Dominic – part of his skull – is being translated into the main church during the General Chapter of the Order of Preachers held in Rome in 2010.
Photo and historical background from Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Today, 24 May, is the Solemnity of the Translation of St Dominic, which is described thus in the Dominican breviary: “In accordance with his wishes, St Dominic was buried ‘beneath the feet of his brethren’ in the church of St Nicholas of the Vineyards, Bologna. Many of the sick avowed that they had been healed of their infirmities at his tomb; the brethren however were loath to recognize these miracles and accept votive offerings. However, on 24 May 1233, at the urging of Gregory IX and in the presence of Theodoric, archbishop of Ravenna and papal legate, Dominic’s body was moved to a marble sepulcher during the celebration of a General Chapter at Bologna attended by Bl. Jordan of Saxony and many brethren. Immediately a certain marvelous odor came forth from his sacred body, ‘showing clearly to all how much the saint had truly been the aroma of Christ.”

Below you’ll find a video of our friars celebrating the feast with a pilgrimage through the streets of our nation’s capitol.

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