Hillbilly Thomists

Music Video: The Hillbilly Thomists | Old Highway

Old Highway from The Hillbilly Thomists’ album Holy Ghost Power.

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Hillbilly Thomists Bluegrass Band Performs for Knights on Opry Stage

As a boy growing up in the Nashville area, Chris Gautsch never expected to perform on the most well-known stage in the city— the Grand Ole Opry—especially after becoming a Dominican priest. But the unexpected came to fruition for him.

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Video: The Hillbilly Thomists — Our Help is in the Name of the Lord

“Our Help Is in the Name of the Lord” from The Hillbilly Thomists’ new album, Living for the Other Side.

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The Hillbilly Thomists are Back

The Hillbilly Thomists [an all-Dominican Friar bluegrass band] released their second album, the exhilarating Living For The Other Side, which, if the first album didn’t convince you, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these preachers are not a novelty act, but true artists and evangelists via the medium of American folk music.

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